Importance of Pretreatment
Pretreatment auxiliary is mainly included auxiliary for cotton and its blends, auxiliary for polyester and other general auxiliaries.
The proper pretreatment is very important for textile dyeing and finishing, especially in recent years, customers and consumers strict in dyeing and printing products increasingly, such as color, color fastness, appearance, shrinkage, feeling, more highlights the importance of pretreatment. The main purpose is to make suitable for pretreatment of textile dyeing and printing, and has good uniformity and reproduction, and reduce the reparation dyes, additives and water, energy consumption, improve the rate of manufactured goods, reduce the manpower.

Used in order to eliminate the use of natural or man-made impurity on the fabric, and give full play of the excellent characteristics of fabric,

Pretreatment auxiliaries for CPB process
HANINOL DS-100 Desizing Agent for Textile Pre-treatment
Technical Specifications

  • Main ingredient: surfactant compound
  • Appearance Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
  • Solid content (%) 15.0-17.0
  • pH (1% aqueous solution) 6.5-8.5
  • Ionic Anion / Nonionic
  • Performance and characteristics

  • It has excellent permeability, emulsifying property and dispersibility.
  • Excellent dispersing performance for acrylic pulp.
  • Applicable to continuous desizing process, which can improve work efficiency and reduce production cost.

    Scope of application

  • It is suitable for the desizing process of polyester fiber, nylon and other chemical fiber fabrics
  • Especially for the continuous desizing process of polyester and nylon fabrics.
  • Haninol TDLF conc Desizing Agent for Textile Pre-treatment
    Technical Specifications

  • Pale yellow clear liquid
  • Ionic : Nonionic/Anionic
  • pH(10%) : 2.0 ± 0.5
  • Performance and characteristics

  • Excellent alkaline stability up to 350g/l NaOH 50%.
  • Special wetting agent for one step Cold Pad Batch Process
  • Combined process of De-sizing, Scouring, Bleaching and Mercerization.
  • Remarkable wetting power and gives good detergency.
  • HANINOL DS-0490 산화호발제 무색투명액상 12.5 21.8 2.1
    HANINOL SI-100 과수안정제 연황색액상 17 16.6 4.11
    HANINOL CH-600 금속이온봉쇄제 연갈색투명액상 20.5 21.4 8.6
    HANINOL ACS 알키리침투제 무색투명액상 10.5 9.4 9.37
    HANINOL PISAERANTE NS-NEW 탈기침투제 무색투명액상 48 42 3.41
    HANINOL BIODESIZER-400 효소호발제 연황색반투명액상 13.5 121.8 7.51